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archives — by kuz @ 12:18AM EDT January 6th, 2021.

I have re-opened StrawberryHeaven for posterity.

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO — by hardgay_tomo_1988 @ 12:54AM EDT December 2nd, 2020.

RISE, RISE! — by kuz @ 4:51AM EDT December 1st, 2020.


December Updates — by kuz @ 7:20AM EDT November 24th, 2020.


Oh great, Heyuri, I love talking about this. /s

As some of you may know, today I had the misfortune of once again speaking to Riley, and unsurprisingly nothing has changed. In his own words, through our voice calls, he doesnt want to revive heyuri, at least not while I possess legal ownership of the trademark. He repeatedly tried to offer me 10,000$ to buy the domain name and his development services for 1 month, which I declined because 1) I do not have 10,000 dollars to spend on someone who will likely backstab me, and 2) I do not need to spend 10,000 dollars on something i can posess for as little as 1,000 dollars in court fees.

I tried negotiating with him, but he was only interested in "speaking his mind" — whatever that means. After a couple of minutes talking to him, it became clear he was not interested in rational conversation He repeatedly called the userbase of heyuri "kuzfags" who existed soley to serve my power needs, I explained to him multiple times that i did not want complete power, which i came to him in the first place, but he instead continued to insist that heyuris userbase was twisted against him. Moreover, what would you consider Heyuris golden days? Most wouldnt consider pre-may, or post-august anywhere close to golden, but according to lolico, thats "True Heyuri" and may, june, july, and early august were "kuzs heyuri". Considering Heyuri peaked in activity, OC, usage, functionability, popularity, and approval rates during those times, it would seem that "kuzs heyuri", whatever that is, is far preferable to regular heyuri.

Despite me asking for any sort of evidence or proof of me being in any way behind the attacks on heyuri, i was ignored, and he continued asking for money. Ultimatley, in lolicos own words;

"I dont give a fuck about reviving it with you, I just want to make my moneys back for what its worth"

So, thats that i suppose? If enough interest is expressed for the full chatlog to be released then I will do so. If you want to relive heyuri, if you want it to come back at all, or have any dying dream for it to come back, you may either stick with us while we develop, or you can let it die off, and your dreams will once again become just that.


I hope you werent expecting any more good news. Because development is still stagnated. If we get something going before christmas ill be surprised.

Absences and other personal things

In light of several /q/ threads questioning my mental fitness for being administrator, I would advise you to please consider fucking off that I am growing tired, old and tired. I am a 32 year old man, I dont have the same personal aspirations as I did 10 years ago, and I dont have the motivation i did half a year ago. Im burnt out. Im tired and i dont post as often as i used to. I havent abandoned you, SH is going through troubling times, but we all do. Heyuri has been through this too, and so has 9chan.

I havent slept in 22 hours. I am angry with lolico for being an incompitent faggot, and tired of listening to people complain in /q/. We have a fucking system and its better than nothing, use what we have and those who wait will be rewarded.

I love you all dearly, but for the sake of christ and all things holy, give me a fuckin break.
— kuz

bad news — by kuz @ 1:07AM EDT November 19th, 2020.

The developer has quit on us. Development is delayed until further notice.

I am very sorry to squash everyones hope. If any other such user would offer his expertise, contact me.

- kuz

:D — by kuz @ 2:06PM EDT November 8th, 2020.

delayed until the dev wakes up (hes asleep) give us time

software updates — by kuz @ 11:42PM EDT November 6th, 2020.

As we speak, the finishing touches are being added to our new software, [insert name]

As promised, we are bringing back most of heyuris features, as well as bringing back our old post numbers. In accordance with history, 8165 will be "post-zero", as redundant as that sounds. But Im sure you are very happy to welcome back the GETs. In addition, it is significantly less buggy than our current software. Many of the "Fun" Heyuri features will be added in time.

Expect further edits to this post as more is done, in addition to a 7~ days. Spread the word!

kuznote: we havent named the software yet... so let us know in /q/ what you think we should name it.

this is important, pls read. — by man_of_steel @ 7:52PM EDT October 18th, 2020.

Hey everyone. Is the name unfamiliar? If you arent from KolymaBBS or 9ch, then you likely havent heard before. But just to clear things up, I am one of the developers from 9ch. I was given authorization by Kuznetsov to make this post and adress some changes. ^_^

So, heres what we are going to do
  • Fix the sloppy CSS (thanks kuz)
  • Restore *almost* all of heyuris&world9ch' features
  • remove the shitty features that no one liked
  • Institute a ban on Russian IP adresses. Sorry, but it had to be done. Aprox. 2,000 Russian IP adresses, presumably 9channers, lurk this site, without posting, and it puts incredible strain on the Servers. If you wish to be unblocked (meaning you will contribute), please email me --> manofsteel@9chan.moe - IPs which have contributed will remain unblocked, and VPN's will be unblocked (not unbanned).
  • front page redo done! let us know what you think
  • fix broken links, outddated information, and update the rules.
  • (attempt) to spread the word about heyuri strawberryheaven.
  • post numbers
  • frames, but better. and toggleable
  • migrate the old threads to the new software (guess im gonna do it manually. thanks again kuz)
  • pet my cat
  • you do like cats, right?
  • .....
  • profit
In the meanwhile, go outside or something idk.

EDIT: old boards can be accessed by putting /old/ before their dirname. like, img.sh.net/old/b/

AAAAAAAAA — by yaril @ 11:52AM EDT October 16th, 2020.

October Updates — by kuz @ 11:45PM EDT October 7th, 2020.

Some boards are going — Yes, you heard it. We are going to be doing away with some boards. In the end, /a/, /b/, /q/, and /r/ are staying. All other boards will be archived and removed from the index. I have made this decision due to the fact that most of them recieved little to no usage on a daily basis. I later found that I wasnt bothered at all by this, SH only looks to serve a few purposes, and those few purposes cant be served with just those 4 boards.

Post Migration — I will be working tonight to move the posts to a new software that is hopefully less disliked. Theres not much more to say to this. I have wrote previously about the problems that I hope to eleiminate here. It seems that bringing back every feature Heyuri had is a new addition to my list. Seeing as though that seems to be a very common point made in many /q/ threads.

Visual Updates — We now have both a redesigned front page and frames. Enjoy.

Temporary Withdrawal — Well, I suppose theres really only 1 way to put this, and that is that I am a bit tired. I have been working pretty much nonstop on trying to revive Heyuri ever since it collapsed. This is my 3rd try, and while its my most successful so far, its also very time consuming. In light of this, I had been presented with 2 options; 1) Exhaust myself to the point that SH no longer becomes fun. or 2) Take a break to recover, recoup, and prepare for the coming months. In the meanwhile, I have created 3 branches for the 9ch Central Group, and 3 Anonymous Moderators to oversee them. Normally, I would be the head overseer for everything operating under KolymaNET, but due to the circumstances, the Moderation Branch, News Branch, and the 9CA have all been put in a temporary holding state with the 3 Anonymous Moderators at their heads.

This doesnt necessarily mean I'm quitting, however it might be a while until I resume my work in a full capacity. I have a gigantic list of things I have to do and it seems as if it only gets bigger day by day. Please, reserve your complaints to /q/. I understand that some things arent the same as they were in Heyuri, but keep in mind that we are months behind compared to Heyuri. Rome wasnt built in a day, and neither was heyuri. SH is no exception. It will be a substantially long time until we operate in the same capacity Heyuri did. I hope that you can all understand and bear with me through these struggling early days.

You can help out in many ways. If you are a PHP developer, contact me and I will discuss details with you. If you have alot of spare time and devotion, consider becoming a moderator, or, if you just want to help out by doing something little, you can spread the word about SH, and help keep users coming to the site. Thanks for your support,

— kuzzykins

STUF — by kuz @ 1:29AM EDT October 6th, 2020.

● New software(???)
I have recieved several complaints about various 'features' (they arent bugs i swear), such as post numbers resetting on every new thread (thanks kareha, and roman for not fixing this for image_mode), no inline-expansion, and improper style formatting for posts. There are several ways i can fix this.

  • spending hours upon hours trying to re-do kareha.pl to fix these issues
  • migrate to ktaba.php (everythings in russian)
  • find some other IB software that is less shit.

However, upon attempting any of these resolves except #1, i am met with the problem of post compatability — i.e., not being able to migrate the old threads to the new board. With our current script being in pl, moving it to another software (like ktaba) would be impossible. Unless i wanted to painstakingly re-create each thread and its replies.

● Front page
im tired as i write this... so ill make it short. do you like this?