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Q: What is StrawberryHeaven?
A: StrawberryHeaven (SH for short) is meant to be a mix between Heyuri, 9ch, and RaspberryHeaven. Since the death of both Heyuri and 9chan, users who wanted to indulge in Heyuris culture have had no where to go.

Q: What did the name come from? What does it mean?
A: It is a play on Raspberryheaven, a joke from Azumanga Daioh and a subculture from the SomethingAwful

Q: When was it made?
A: 9ch, also known as 9channel, was created in 2005. Heyuri was created in 2018, RaspberryHeaven was created in 2001.

Q: What was Heyuri?
A: Heyuri was a old-style imageboard themed around the early 2000s, early 4chan culture, and anime.

Q: What was 9ch?
A: 9channel was a Russian-language imagesharing forum that quickly rose to become one of the largest ImageBoards in Russia.

Q: Who is kuz?
A: kuz (Kuznetsov) is the current Administrator of SH, former Administrator of 9channel, and former co-administrator of Heyuri

Q: What makes this place different from other imageboards?
A: Because like its predecessors, it strives to encapsulate the early 4chan feel that so many people enjoyed and loved.

Q: What software does it run on?
A: ktaba + kareha + futaba. ktaba is a closed source software developed by Kuznetsov and 9chan co-dev Roman Semyonovich.

Q: How do i use a tripcode?
A: in the name field, add "#password" to the end of your name. replace "password" with your chosen password, and it will generate a special string of characters to uniquely identify you and protect your idendity from theft.